Nature, meet city.

Z Living Systems strives to infuse nature into the places we live, work, and play. Our focus is on developing and providing living green wall technologies that reflect our core values of sustainability, innovation, and philanthropy.


Planning is key to a successful living green wall. Before the design phase begins, we will work with your team to determine the unique goals and challenges specific to your project. We then address all aspects of design including plant palette, plant design, irrigation layout, and structural design.


After design and shop drawings have been submitted and approved, it’s time to build. Z Living Systems works with our network of local certified contractors to oversee the installation of your living green wall. We have developed a comprehensive step by step process to ensure a timely and successful installation.


Z Living Systems partners with locally trained maintenance crews to ensure the longevity and beauty of your living green wall. Additionally, with our remote irrigation & monitoring system, we can monitor the health of your living green wall from our office. This is just another step we take to actively protect your investment and provide you with a flourishing living green wall year after year.

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Our System

At the core of the Z Living Systems Living Wall is the LivingWallPot (LWP) and the Living Wall Panel (LWP1). Our system provides the versatility to be used both outdoors or indoors and can be installed on virtually any surface. Furthermore, it’s completely self-contained, 100% water efficient, and drip free, being the only system in the industry with this capability.

zls pot edit

Can be used both indoors and outdoors to craft a living wall of any dimension.

Instant Coverage

After day one of installation, plants are fully filled in. No wait time for plants to be grown in.


The Z Living System Pot is completely self contained meaning no water will spill out.

Simple Planting

Utilizes standard 4″ nursery plants. If using indoors plants don’t need to be removed from their pot.

The 1000:1 Program

Z Living Systems is committed to crafting the environments we build while saving the ones we came from. For every square foot of our living green wall system that is installed, we will save 1,000 sq. ft. of rainforest.


We believe nature has a positive effect on environmental and social well-being. Therefore, we strive to infuse nature into the places we live, work, and play. Our focus is on developing living wall technologies that reflect our core values to build consciously and design for tranquility.


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Manufacture and design our Z Living Systems Living Wall System.


In order to re-incorporate nature into the places we live, work and play.